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On this occasion our installers have traveled to a municipality near Alicante to carry out the installation and start-up of a solar energy kit for isolated connection with a Voltronic inverter and Pylontech lithium batteries . It is important to remember that the isolated connection kits have among their components batteries to store the energy that has not been consumed and make use of it on cloudy days or when the consumptions are more elevated than that produced by the solar panels . Do not forget that it is essential to carry out a good dimensioning of the installation so that problems are not generated .

The elements that make up this isolated connection kits are detailed below :

The installation has a total of 10 PERC 24V solar panels from the manufacturer ERA Solar . They are arranged in 2 series of 5 units and connected in parallel. As they are solar panels that work at 400W, the photovoltaic system offers the home an average of 20,000Wh / day on average per year , taking into account that during the summer the production in the solar panels will be higher due to more solar hours than during winter. In addition, these solar energy are PERC technology so they have a higher efficiency than conventional solar panels .

The panels were installed in a designated field space, with a structure that guarantees the correct fixing of the panels . In addition, as it was a floor structure, the location, orientation and inclination were adequate so that the maximum photovoltaic exposure was achieved .

The inverter in charge of converting the direct current obtained from the solar panels into alternating current is the 5000W 48V Voltronic Axpert VMIII Charger Inverter . This inverter integrates a charger inverter together with a regulator prepared to work at high voltage of panels , in addition, the available space is minimized. It is becoming more and more common to find charger inverters with charge regulators on the market at a very competitive price.

The inverter was installed very close to the batteries , which provide energy autonomy to the house when the solar panels do not obtain solar radiation or the consumption is higher. For this installation, 4 Pylontech lithium batteries were chosen , installed in a 19 ”rack for Pylontech that facilitates the connection of the batteries and allows the placement of each battery to be optimal . The Pylontech batteries require no maintenance or emit gases, so it is an excellent choice for demanding PV systems.

The solar kit includes all the necessary elements for the start-up and correct operation of the solar kit , including the structure of solar energy , fuses , wiring , magnetothermic , gutter , etc.

It is recommended that the installation of any solar kit is carried out by a professional with previous experience in this regard, since solar kits consist of devices that require special handling and knowledge for the optimal configuration of the system. At AutoSolar we have carried out a multitude of installations of the most various characteristics, you can consult some of our installations carried out here .

If you are thinking of buying a solar kit isolated from the electricity grid or a solar kit for connection to the grid as in this case, contact us and depending on the needs of your home and usual consumption we will make a customized budget, You can also get information without obligation about the installation service from our team of installers. Contact us without obligation.

Is the installation of photovoltaic panels in the home profitable?

Well, the answer is a resounding yes. Installing solar panels in your home is considered by many to be one of the best ways to lower your electricity bills . The reality is that throughout Spain, solar energy can be a profitable, optimal and viable option as well as very efficient, regardless of whether you intend to install it in Seville or Asturias. The profitability that can be obtained in "the country of the sun" is incredible .

In case we wanted to analyze the installation of photovoltaic panels from a financial point of view, it could be said that these self-consumption installations enjoy a large IRR (internal rate of return). This means that financially speaking it is a very good product.

It should also be noted that people who own a property and who generate energy thanks to the solar panels that allow themselves to be self-sufficient, avoid paying electricity rates thanks to eliminating electricity costs in the periods in which the energy generated by the electricity is consumed. installation. Besides, thanks to the solar energy , there is also added value to the property .

How profitable can you get from installing photovoltaic panels in your home?

In order to know the profitability that the installation will give, the first thing to calculate is the amortization period of the installation . It is very easy to find out how long it will take to break even. Which means that it is the moment in which the investment that has been made to carry out the installation reaches the amount that you have achieved in savings thanks to the panels.

Why do you have to analyze this amortization?

This analysis will allow us to see which budget of those that have been requested is going to be more optimal or is going to give a greater economic and financial return . For this, you will have to think about what forms you have to finance the investment and then choose the one that allows you to obtain the maximum return on the investment made, always taking into account the funds available.

What is the method for calculating the payback period?

In order to be able to calculate how long it takes to recover the investment, it is necessary to know exactly what the final cost will be and what benefits per year, economically speaking, the installation provides . The factors to be assessed are these:

What is the gross cost of installing photovoltaic panels : the net amount to be paid for installing photovoltaic panels will vary depending on their size and the equipment chosen.

How much are the subsidies and incentives : the cost of installing solar panels can be greatly reduced due to various tax breaks and possible non-refundable subsidies. Therefore, it is extremely important to be aware of all the possible subsidies or incentives available at all levels (regional, local or national).

What electricity consumption is on average monthly : the kWh consumed in the home in a month will serve as a good factor to be able to measure what size the installation will be necessary for it to function optimally (if it is larger, it will mean more cost) to achieve the solar energy maximum possible savings. Depending on whether the electricity bill is lower or higher, the period in which the installation will be amortized will vary (higher invoice, shorter amortization time).

What production is estimated that the photovoltaic installation will have : in order to see how large the installation must have, several factors must solar energy be taken into account that may limit, such as the useful surface of the place where it is to be installed, the variations between the seasons, the influence of weather, etc.

If you are wanting to carry out a photovoltaic installation in your home, do not hesitate to contact AutoSolar, we will advise you without any commitment.


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