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Reforms that will revalue your home in 2021

Mood reforms. Are you thinking of selling or renting your house? Or at the moment just to make it more comfortable and beautiful, without ruling out the idea of incorporating it into the real estate market in the near future? Before taking the step, remember that updating the bathrooms or the kitchen can multiply its price. How much more? Quite. The previous reform of your home can suppose a revaluation of between 10 and 20%.

bathroom renovations

Little joke then! Take note of the reforms that we propose to revalue your home in 2021 and at the same time make it the most sought-after (and attractive) in the neighborhood.

Why are reforms important?

Knowing that the comprehensive reform of an apartment of about 90 square meters would be around € 50,000, we are going to see if it is worth the expense. Taking into account that an investment of this type guarantees a revaluation that could reach 20%. It seems logical to bet on the reform in your home.

And not only that, but also 7 of the 10 second-hand homes that are sold in our country right now, have been renovated, becoming the favorites for potential buyers. Can you put an old house up for sale without reforming? If it suffers from dampness, has gotelé, eternal corridors or closings in poor condition, it will cost a lot to attract future buyers. In addition to drastically reducing your appraisal. The question is, what reforms are the most effective in achieving this goal? We give you a summary in this blog.


A long, narrow hallway, or those tiny rooms, pull everyone back. In modern flats they prefer to eliminate them to get more useful meters, and larger and more functional rooms. There aren't any second chances for a primary impression. Are you going to let a poor distribution take the sale? The solution is to remove partitions or replace them with glazing. Communicating the kitchen with the living room allows you to reorganize the space and get another much more comfortable and modern! Mobile glass partitions are another rising solution because they provide privacy (and protect us from fumes and odors if used in a kitchen) allowing light to flow through. Depending on the mechanism you chose and the movement, the price varies.

renovating bathroom 2021

2. Reforms in kitchens and bathrooms

Getting into kitchen and bathroom renovations gives you respect. But they are the two key elements that they will look at (after distribution) to choose your home. In the bathroom, you can remove the bathtubs and add practical shower trays, invest in a cabinet with capacity or paint the tiles to make it look more attractive. But what really adds zero to the bottom line is that you have renovated the plumbing, put new tiles, and faucets that save water drop by drop. The same in the kitchen. You can make it cute with less than € 3,000, but what they are going to look at is the savings involved in buying a house that is already renovated.

3. Soils

You do not realize the great change that a home can give, until you jump in and change the floor. Effective and suitable for all budgets! The cost of changing it depends on the state of the previous floor, also on whether it will rise or stay underneath -saving on rubble-, and of course on the quality of the new one. But which one do I choose? Look at the use that will be given to each space. The kitchen or the bathrooms are not the same as the living room or the bedrooms. Laminate, vinyl, ceramic, parquet or even micro cement. The menu is large so are the prices. Anything before formalizing a visit and letting future buyers freak out over the floor.

bathroom renovation tips

4. News after covid-19

Since the confinement ended, many people began to reform their houses, they needed to renovate the space and improve their home. And as a result of being locked up at home, new needs arose in the rooms and distribution of the home:

  • More space and more light. This has been key, as we have seen before, the open concept will be a trend. It is a technique that, having the same square meters, gives a radical change to the home and allows you to make better use of the space, in addition to eliminating wasted areas of the corridors. In addition, it will allow you to gain more light when everything is open and connected, without a doubt a must for the reform of your house.
  • Office. As a result of teleworking, it goes without saying that the areas to work at home have become very important in these months. Given that it is a way of working that has come to stay, people are making reforms to improve the office area or to create spaces where they can work more comfortably and without distractions.
  • Terraces, gardens and balconies. Many people had outdoor areas that they practically did not take advantage of because they were not at home, now this has changed and the exterior renovations have also been very important. Creating an outdoor area where you can rest and enjoy is a luxury that we now value more than ever after being confined for three months.

From Complete Shower Seal we bring you these ideas to reform your home in 2021. We have been specialists in all aspects of tiling, waterproofing and bathroom renovations for more than 20 years. We will be happy to assist you in any of your tiling and renovation projects at home. Feel free to contact us today!


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