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10 Tips to avoid making mistakes when buying wine

Buying a bottle of wine for a dinner, a special occasion or simply for personal consumption, at first it may seem quite easy, until we find ourselves in front of a shelf full of options, and we begin to doubt exactly what type of wine we are. searching. In most cases, we all want the same thing: a wine that we like, that meets quality requirements, and if it can be at a good price, even better. If we put the following considerations into practice, we will minimize the risk of making mistakes, and we will be able to feel satisfied with the bottle of wine purchased. 1. Consider the attributes of your favorite flavors They can be related to the characteristics of a specific grape variety, its origin, its elaboration, its structure, or the finish that the wine provides. The same variety, depending on the origin or winemaking process, will provide different degrees of aromas and notes. An Old World Chardonnay is not the same as a New World, or a Chardonnay with or without aging. It i
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Garden Court Motel Tips: HOW TO SLEEP BETTER IN A HOTEL?

The sound of elevators, noises of people passing outside the room, "impromptu parties" in adjoining rooms. Sometimes it is not easy to sleep in a hotel. That is why Garden Court Motel has prepared a list of tips that can help you rest better at night. WHEN YOU MAKE THE RESERVATION Make sure you get a quiet room. Two vital and well-known requests when choosing a room are: requesting a room on a higher floor and away from the elevators. Also, book a room in the middle of the corridor, as in general, this part is the quietest on the floor, as it is far from vending machines, laundries, exits and other places that cause a lot of noise. On the other hand, it would be good to get a room that is at least two or three levels away from the banquet rooms, bars or other public spaces present in the hotel. In addition to asking the respective questions about the rooms, also asks if the hotel is under repair or renovation. Often times, these jobs are done in segments (one floor

How does solar energy turn into electricity?

With the sun we can really make electricity and / or heat for a minimal carbon impact and at  Aztechsolar   we love the idea! Want to know how it works? Nothing very complicated. In a few minutes you will be knowledgeable about solar energy! Something to impress your guests during a dinner! And who might even know that you'll want to give it a go. The different ways to get electricity from the sun There are two methods of obtaining electricity from solar energy  : The photovoltaic method very widespread in France, whether as solar parks or for private individuals. The thermodynamic method can hardly be used by individuals and very rare in France because it requires a high level of sunshine . However, it is an interesting method to supply regions poorly connected to the network. How to harness solar energy? In the case of the photovoltaic method: we use photovoltaic panels (elementary my dear Watson). You know, those kinds of panels that you sometimes see on the roofs of houses (may

Tips when enjoying a bottle of wine in a restaurant

We want to offer you some basic tips, suggestions or recommendations on how to enjoy a glass of wine in a restaurant. The first thing is to verify that what they bring to the table is the selection that we made from the menu. We have to verify the vintage, the grape variety, the winery, and that the bottle is in good condition. When we go to uncork it, try not to turn the bottle too much. Turn the corkscrew, first cutting the capsule. We have to verify that the plug is dry. That it does not have any humidity on top. It may be that it lost some wine, and it may have been contaminated. It is very important that we also verify that the cork is in good condition. It doesn't matter that it might be a little bit wetter on top as long as it's not visible from the outside. We have to check that the cork does not smell rotten. If there is an aroma as well as humidity in bad condition, the most likely thing is that the wine is contaminated with that same aroma and flavor of c