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Tiling in wet areas: you should pay attention to this

Bath and shower, the guest toilet and the laundry room, the sauna and the swimming pool: These and other wet areas are usually tiled because they are constantly exposed to splash water, moisture and moisture.  If you have equipped your bathroom with a floor-level shower, the water runs, for example, directly over the floor covering to the drain.  Tiles are actually a good solution in wet areas because they are easy to care for, hard-wearing and resistant.  So that the constant moisture does not cause any damage, a few things must be observed. Caution, danger of slipping: more safety in wet areas Basically,  stoneware tiles are  best  suited  in wet areas.  The reason: They absorb little water because they have a  very high density  .  Only  porcelain stoneware  Tiling with a water absorption capacity of less than 0.5 percent  are even better  .  The only exception is polished porcelain stoneware, which should not be used in wet areas.  And then there are earthenware tiles.  With their


Before applying a new finish (paint, varnish, wax, etc.) on solid or engineered oak flooring, you will need to remove the old finish.  Here are the steps to follow to  Floor Sanding  to give it a new look.                           TOOL                 PROTECTION Sandpaper Cloth Drum sander Vacuum cleaner / broom Face protection mask Ear protection helmet   1 / SECURITY MEASURES Sanding your parquet  is a noisy exercise that raises a lot of dust particles.  You will need to wear protective clothing, including ear and face protection to cover your airways.  Plug all openings in the room to prevent dust from spreading throughout your home.  Open all windows to the outside so that you can work in a well ventilated room. 2 / BEFORE SANDING A PARQUET, MAKE SURE THE STATE OF THE SOIL Before you start sanding parquet, your floor surface must be "clean".  You must remove all nails and staples that could protrude from the  Floor Sanding   to prevent them from tearing the sandpaper tha

What Budget For An Engagement Rings ?

To prove your love to her you can buy a cheap engagement rings, there is no point in paying miles and cents since this ring will prove that you want to spend the rest of your life with your future wife. Know how to offer her a ring that matches her perfectly because she will have to wear it all her life after your sublime marriage proposal. Of course you can also give her a fun engagement ring, or one that reminds her of a moment in your life together or one of her passions.  There is for example  unicorn jewelry  to satisfy all desires. What Type Of Metal And Which Model To Choose For A Cheap Engagement Rings? There are several models of engagement rings .  Nevertheless the ring must be composed of at least one solitaire.  You can of course acquire an engagement ring for a budget of not more than three hundred euros and which can be of very good quality. The price of an engagement ring varies depending on the stone and the type of metal.  You must first know what the taste of the futu

8 questions to ask yourself before redoing a Roof restoration

The  roof is often a priority  when renovating his house.  Fortunately, the most common materials (tile, slate or zinc) have a rather long lifespan, we can sometimes replace only what is strictly necessary ... Here are 8 questions to ask yourself before  renovating the roof  of your house, from insulation to replacement of the frame, through the choice of materials, budget and waterproofing. When is it time to  redo your  Roof restoration  ?  Should we renovate the  frame  ?  What are the regulations?  Which  insulation to  choose?  How to make the roof waterproof?  What budget should you plan  and which materials to favor?  All the answers, and more ...   Refurbishing the roof  requires respecting regional particularities.  Moreover, the authorities require you to do so if you live in an architectural heritage protection zone or within the perimeter of a listed building.  And apart from these particular cases, it is the town halls or the DDEs which impose the rules of the gam