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Read this little guide to buying a Pink diamond ring before adjusting to ring shopping. Once the basic concepts are in control, the conversation with the jewelry store seller or jeweler goes smoothly. When buying an engagement and wedding ring, it is worth asking especially about the durability of the jewelry's structures, precious metals and stones, as the rings come into everyday use.

Take a basic vocabulary in the jewelry industry and get to know these breathtaking novelty rings and jewelry.

Picture at the top Papaja is a small company that produces meaningful jewelry and items for its wearer according to his needs. It is our way of acting as designers responsibly. In most cases, only one piece of our rings and jewelery is made to order directly for the customer at our jeweler's workshop in Kallio, Helsinki. Jewelry designers Anneli Aaltonen and Vilja Tamminen are responsible for the design and manufacture of jewelery.

The Pink diamond in the picture has a pink 0.42 ct sapphire, price 950 e. The platinum frame ring w / vs diamonds, 1240 e. The platinum Path ring w / vs diamonds, 1360 e. The lace dream ring has a pink 0.16 ct sapphire and around w / vs diamonds, 1680 e. 


A grinding form of diamond with 57 chamfers in the stone, including the top plate. In addition, sometimes the lower tip, or coulter, is counted as the 58th bevel. The round diamond, which best reflects the brilliance of a diamond, is the most commonly used grinding shape. Other familiar grinding shapes include oval Pink diamond, awning cut, drop, emerald cut, rectangular porrashionta i.e. Baguette, Heart and Princess. In addition to diamond, brilliant grinding is also commonly used in the grinding of other gemstones.


A lace-like structure that is demanding to make by hand. However, many filigree-style jewelery on sale today are made by casting, as only a few in Finland master this skill-intensive technique.


The body of the bottle ring has a square or rectangular cross-sectional profile. In this case, the surface is straight and not curved, as in traditional semicircular frames. The inner corners can be slightly rounded for added comfort.

Goldsmiths Andreasen's Pink diamond rings are made by a skilled team of blacksmiths in Tampere, and they are designed by Jussi Andreasen. At Andreasen, you deal directly with goldsmiths who make your rings to order with your individual dimensions.On the left, the Lumivuokko ring with a 0.30ct diamond shining in the middle of the oval diamond ring, Recommended price 2360 e.

On the right Honey diamond ring, 0.7ct middle stone is framed by 2x0.06ct and 4x0.04ct diamonds W / Vs, 5790 e. The popular Halaaja ring acts as a single eye-catcher or side ring, diamonds 15x0.02ct, 1190 e.


Abrasion is one of the methods of planting stones. The stones planted by grinding are pretty well protected from bumps. The metal is rubbed over the edges of the stone.


A diamond is most often chosen as the stone for an engagement or wedding ring. However, there are other excellent alternatives. The hardness of gemstones, like other materials, is described by the Mosh hardness scale, where the hardest material gets a number of 10 and the softest a number of 1. Gemstones are distinguished from other gemstones (i.e. semi-precious stones) precisely by their hardness, among other things.

A gemstone is a stone with a hardness on the Mosh scale of 7.5 or greater. A diamond is the only gemstone with a hardness of 10. Stones with a hardness of 9 to 10, ie mainly Pink diamond and corundum, are best suited for continuously used rings. Corundums include red rubies and sapphires that sparkle in many different colors. Other great stones for other jewelery are, for example, chrysoberyls (8.5), berylls (7.5–8) and spinels (8). Emerald and aquamarine belong to the beryllium.

Precious metals

The precious metals used in the manufacture of jewelry are gold, silver, platinum and palladium. When pure, they are usually too soft, so they are alloyed with other metals. The precious metal content can be checked on the product concentration stamp, which indicates the amount of precious metal in the product alloy in parts per thousand by weight.

For example, the number “750” inside the oval stamp indicates that the product contains at least 750 per mille, or 75 percent gold. The rectangular shape of the stamp means silver and the salmon-shaped base is platinum.

In the Garda ring, clear drop-shaped topaz and diamonds (total 0.14 H / SI) are implanted in a narrow body. Price 1198 e, Design Assi Arnimaa.The Clara diamond ring is easy to combine with different rings. The diamonds of the Siro ring total 0.11 H / SI, price 849 e, Design Sami Laatikainen. Smooth gold ring from 311 e.

If you can't find the perfect ring in the collection, you have the opportunity to have a completely unique Kohinoor diamond jewelery using the vision of our designers, and it will be made for you in Hämeenlinna.

Carat (ct)

The weight of diamonds and other precious stones is expressed in carats, one carat (abbreviation ct, sometimes occurring ka) equals 0.2 grams. Because diamonds are rarer in nature the larger they are, the carat price of larger diamonds is clearly higher, for example, one large 0.50 carat diamond is much more expensive than 10 small 0.05 carat Pink diamond, even though they have the same total weight and grade.

Carat (K)

In colloquial language, the old expression “carat” of gold is often still used. 14 and 18 carat gold currently correspond to the marks 585 and 750, i.e. the content of pure gold in the alloy used to make the product is at least 58.5 or 75% of the total weight of the alloy.

Yellow gold

Pure gold (Au) is mainly alloyed with copper and silver. By changing the proportions of the alloying elements, the shade of gold can be varied from greenish yellow to reddish. The proportion of gold in a product sold in Finland must be at least 375, or 37.5 per cent, most often gold in the alloy is 585 or 750 per mille by weight.


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