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Over time, your garage door will fail and no longer suit your tastes. She has become old. But how do you choose your garage door with all the models on the market? Like all issues in the house, this decision remains very sensitive and requires careful consideration.Several criteria come into play: safety, comfort, insulation, aesthetic appearance, not to mention practicality.

The first thing to do before replacing the garage door is to observe your garage from the inside. The presence of beams, pipes and electric meter can modify the choice of your model. When you have carried out the inventory, it is also necessary to make a survey of the dimensions, because the new door depends on the available space .

Carefully measure the dropouts of the lintels such as the height between the top of the door and the ceiling, not forgetting the spandrels. Even if the standard dimensions are 2.40 m high by 2 meters wide , still take into account the footprint of the door itself.

This measurement is essential since the models do not have an identical footprint. Thus, you can make a custom opening, if you wish.The lexicon of garage door is rich that it is sometimes difficult to navigate. To facilitate your choice, they can be categorized into two categories: modern and traditional .

Traditional doors

There are three types of traditional doors on the market. They come in different forms and do not follow the same movement.

- The hinged doors are composed of two leaves. The opening requires a free space which corresponds to the passage area of ​​each leaf. Each of the doors is independent. This installation promotes the optimization of interior space and can be easily motorized .

- Roll-up doors roll up on themselves within a ceiling compartment in a box above the garage. It takes up little space and optimizes garage door space. It is the ideal solution for congested or small surfaces. Generally, the door is motorized and compatible with a connected home .

- Overhead doors are provided with a panel assembly, which is made in one piece. When there is a climb, the door overhangs outside. There is a non-projecting model that does not protrude directly from the doorway of the garage door. Its mechanism can be motorized .

Sectional or modern doors

This type of door is made from a unique pattern. Usually, they are made up of several hinged panels and function like roller shutters . Either it rolls up to the ceiling, or it follows a lateral movement by sliding to the right following along the wall or to the left.

- Side sectional garage door provide pedestrian access, as you do not have to open all the panels. Here, the leaves slide along a rail and are housed along the walls of the room. The space requirement is completely reduced to a minimum and only takes up 100 mm along the wall . They are compatible with large openings and a connected home

- Sectional ceiling doors open vertically. They are composed of several articulated panels and are fixed to the ceiling and also slide on vertical and horizontal rails. This opening gives maximum space inside as well as outside the garage door. Thanks to the 40 mm insulating panel, this sectional door offers high thermal performance.

The materials that make up garage doors are interdependent on ergonomics. You have the choice between wood, PVC, steel and aluminum .Wood is suitable for side openings since it requires a lot of maintenance, in particular stain and paint. It is very aesthetic and gives an interesting thermal barrier to your garage.

PVC is a light and economical material. These doors can be easily motorized and come in different configurations. It is a better insulator, but it provides little protection against burglary .Steel is good thermal and sound insulation compared to wood. Unfortunately, it is only suitable for vertical openings due to its low thickness.

Aluminum is durable, robust and unalterable. It is a strong thermal conductor and is suitable for any model of garage door.This is the main asset for the garage door to offer real comfort. However, not all systems are the same in terms of sound and speed.

Remote motorization is recommended for sectional overhead and tilting garage doors. To install it, sufficient space must be provided , as it must be fixed to the ceiling. The automation can be controlled using a code keypad or a remote control.

The integrated motorization is used on roll-up openings. The motor is kept in a safe in the axis as on a roller shutter.The articulated arm motorization is recommended for swing garage doors. It is similar to a gate operator placed outside or inside the garage.

Complementary accessories to the engine

There are several options that provide better comfort to the engine.Those are :

- The gate is a small garage door integrated into the leaf. It makes it easier to open the garage door when you are traveling by bike or on foot.

- The porthole is also a small opening in the door. There is a wide choice of shapes compared to suppliers: square, rectangle, half-moon, circle, etc.

- The wireless remote control is very convenient to avoid getting out of the car once you are in front of your garage. It is often accompanied by a wall switch.

- Decorative bands and trims enhance your garage door. There are different styles of diagonal and straight strip handle hinges on the market.


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