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There are many brands on the wine market, which is why the consumer can choose the desired product for a long time. Or, as often happens, he succumbs to a momentary mood and takes the first available bottle with a bright label. This is where each wine producer will face the question of how to attract the attention of the buyer to his product. In this situation, it is logical to turn to professionals who know much more about wine label design than you might imagine. The correct design will attract the consumer and stimulate the first purchase.

What wine label design is talking about and with whom Each customer is looking for not only a special taste of wine, but also “his” label, which is close to him in style. He may not be aware of this, but he is looking anyway, so the manufacturer's task is to convey values ​​that are close to the client. The best way to do this is simple: to influence the customer emotionally. The label of your favorite (or potentially favorite) drink evokes pleasant emotions and hints at the significance of the moment: here and now you are buying a status product, even if the selected wine label does not belong to the premium class.

Styling and wine labels

Alcohol label design is a way to convey information to a customer through drawing, coloring, story. Therefore, the design is made clear, revealing the essence of the message. An element is created that carries the main semantic load, while the rest complement it.

For example, many consumers love the illusion of handmade, as evidenced by the demand for products made in this style. Repetitive patterns, vintage designs are synonymous with reliability and quality proven over the years. And vignettes of papyrus color reinforce the impression made.

Wine label style

To get a stylish label, the design should be made in a beautiful color scheme, where each shade carries its own emotional message, plays on the main color. Black embodies power and elitism, red is associated with love or passion, emotionality and aggression, green with prosperity, calmness and reliability.Wine bottle and label designs often use neutral tones such as black, white and gray. They are combined with pastel colors: beige, cream, pale blue. But some manufacturers love contrasts - black with red, blue with orange. These striking solutions are immediately evident.

When producing limited editions of wine label, manufacturers sometimes take into account the trend of the season - this or that color.Depending on the print quality and durability that the label design will require, the cost varies.

Label and packaging design: text and font

The bottle design can be bright, laconic, provocative - whatever, as long as it is not impersonal and incomprehensible to wine consumers. Everything is important in the text on the label: from the meaning to the size and style of the font.

Experts recommend that you choose the font style especially carefully. correlating with the message of all other elements. The best option to ensure this quality is to develop a wine label design, the price of which will more than pay off due to increased market demand.

A good example of this is the Spanish company Lazarus wine label. This manufacturer drew attention to the fact that information on wine labels is not available to blind people. The solution was a project to create braille labels in place of the beverage description instead of the usual printed text.

Wine label design: material and shape

Manufacturers often ask for help in things like wine label design. The price of such services is calculated on the website or together with consultants. The quality of the label material affects the cost of sale, ensures durability and the desired product impression. 


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