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Home automation, a Web Server tailored to us

At present we can find in the market an immense variety of «Web Server» for our installations , which sometimes allow us to integrate the control of other devices, such as Sonos systems for sound control, visualization of IP cameras or control of HUE bulbs

At present we can find in the market an immense variety of «Web Server» for our installations , which sometimes allow us to integrate
But not all the "Web Servers" on the market allow us the possibility of integrating other devices, and those that do allow us do not offer us a great variety of integrations either, so most of the time we are forced to use more than one application, if we want to control all the smart devices in our Home automation. As a solution to these problems we find Home Assistant .

Home automation

Home Assistant is software that we can install on a Linux distribution, either on a Raspberry Pi, mini PC or virtual machine , which allows us to create a "Web Server" tailored to our needs. Unlike conventional "Web Servers", Home automation allows a multitude of integrations , such as Sonos systems , IP cameras, HUE bulbs, voice assistants, smart TV, video intercoms ..., and of course installations . Allowing us to control almost all the smart devices in our home with a single application.

In order to integrate our  installation into the Home Assistant, we will only need a interface , so that the Home Assistant can communicate with the  installation. In this way we can control all the elements of our  installation, such as lights, dimmable lights, blinds or blinds, air conditioning, sensor reading, scenes ...

During the last months we have been able to carry out several tests of the integration of installations in the Home Assistant to check if this software fulfills all the functions offered by any conventional "Web Server" that we can find in the market, and the truth is that it has surprised at the potential that this software can have regarding the integration of  installations, since it offers us all the functions that we can find in any conventional "Web Server".

At present we can find in the market an immense variety of «Web Server» for our installations , which sometimes allow us to integrate

In addition, we have also carried out several integration tests of the video door entry units from the manufacturer DoorBird , which allows us to control the opening of the door and view the video door entry camera live, both from the home and outside it. In this way we can use the same application to control Home automation and video door entry, instead of requiring a specific application for each system.

Without a doubt, we can say that the Home automation can have great potential as a "Web Server" in  installations and complements quite well with Doorbird video intercoms , and being free software it is constantly growing. We hope little by little to be able to use it in future works and to take advantage of a large part of the potential that this software seems to have. 


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