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Emergency towing service

towing service

If emergency towing service is required, it is recommended that it be towed by an authorised KIA dealer or commercial technical assistance. 
Adequate lifting and towing is essential to prevent damage to the vehicle. The use of wheeled trolleys or a platform body is recommended.
In the case of vehicles with permanent four-wheel drive, towing must be carried out so that all wheels are raised on the towing cart. Also, the car can be installed on a platform body, while all its wheels should not touch the surface.

It is forbidden to tow a car with permanent four-wheel drive operation if the wheels touch the surface. This can cause serious damage to the transmission or the AWD system.

For vehicles with two-wheel drive or vehicles with temporary all-wheel drive, it is allowed to tow so that the front wheels touch the surface (without using the tow truck) and the rear wheels are raised above the surface.

If any of the wheel or suspension components are damaged under load or the vehicle is being towed with the rear wheels touching the surface, place a towing cart under the rear wheels. When towing with commercial tow trucks without using a towing cart, the rear of the vehicle must always be lifted, not the front.
Do not tow the vehicle with a flexible hitch. Use wheel lifting equipment or tow trucks.
Do not tow the vehicle in front, leaving the rear wheels on the ground, as this could damage the vehicle.

In case of emergency towing of a vehicle without using towing carts for wheels:
1. Turn the ignition key to the "ACC" ("Auxiliary")
position 2. Move the gear lever to the "N" ("Neutral") position,
3. In the case of a car with temporary engagement of all-wheel drive, set the drive shift knob to the "2H" position.
4. Release the parking brake.

Failure to move the shift lever to the "N" (Neutral) position and set the drive shift knob to the "2H" position to temporarily engage 4WD may cause internal damage to the transmission.
towing service
If emergency towing is required, it is recommended that you use an authorized KIA dealer or commercial help desk.
If the towing service cannot help in an accident, the vehicle can be towed for some time using a cable or chain attached to the emergency towing hook at the bottom of the front of the vehicle. Be very careful when towing the vehicle. The driver must be seated in the vehicle to operate and press the pedals. This type of towing is permissible only on paved roads for short distances and at low speeds. Wheels, axles, transmission, steering and brakes must be in good condition.

- Do not use the towing hooks to haul the vehicle out of mud, sand or other environment from which    it cannot get out on its own.
- Avoid situations of towing a heavier vehicle with a lighter one.
- The drivers of both vehicles need to communicate with each other frequently.

Attach a towing cable to the towing service hook.
Using a different part of the vehicle for towing instead of the tow bar can damage the bodywork.
Use only ropes or chains specifically designed for towing vehicles. Attach the cable or chain securely to the existing towbar.

- Before emergency towing, check that the hook is not broken or damaged.
- Attach the rope or chain securely to the hook.
- Don't pull the hook. Apply gradual and even pressure.
- To avoid damage to the hook, do not pull it sideways or vertically. Always pull straight forward.

Be very careful when towing the vehicle.
Avoid abrupt starts and other manners that put additional stress on the emergency towing hook, rope or chain. A hook, towing rope or chain can break and cause serious injury or damage.
If the damaged vehicle cannot move, do not force towing. Contact an authorised KIA dealer or professional evacuation service for assistance.
Tow the vehicle as straight as possible.
Do not stand next to the vehicle while towing.
- The length of the towing rope should not exceed 5 m. For conspicuousness, attach a white or red cloth (about 30 cm wide) in the middle of the rope.
- Drive carefully so that the towing cable does not loosen during towing.
- Turn the ignition key to the "ACC" ("Auxiliary") position so that the steering wheel is not locked.
- Place the gear lever in the "N" (Neutral) position,
- Release the parking brake.
- Depress the brake pedal with more force than usual due to the weakening of the brake.
- More effort is required to steer because the power steering is disabled.
- If you go down a long slope, the brakes will be less effective due to overheating. Stop often and let the brakes cool down.
towing service

Automatic transmission
Towing a car on all four wheels is allowed only forward. Make sure the ignition key is in the "ACC" (Sub) position and the steering wheel is unlocked. The driver must be seated in the towed vehicle to steer and press the pedals.
To avoid serious damage to the automatic transmission, the vehicle must not be towed faster than 15 km / h.
Check for automatic transmission fluid leaks under the vehicle before towing. If there is an automatic transmission fluid leak, a platform body or a tow truck must be used.
CAUTION :Do not use towing service hooks under the  rear of the vehicle. These hooks are for platform attachment only. Using the tie-down hooks for towing will damage the tie-down hooks or the rear bumper and cause injury to persons.


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