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8 questions to ask yourself before redoing a Roof restoration

The roof is often a priority when renovating his house. Fortunately, the most common materials (tile, slate or zinc) have a rather long lifespan, we can sometimes replace only what is strictly necessary ... Here are 8 questions to ask yourself before renovating the roof of your house, from insulation to replacement of the frame, through the choice of materials, budget and waterproofing.

When is it time to redo your Roof restoration ? Should we renovate the frame ? What are the regulations? Which insulation to choose? How to make the roof waterproof? What budget should you plan and which materials to favor? All the answers, and more ...  

Refurbishing the roof requires respecting regional particularities. Moreover, the authorities require you to do so if you live in an architectural heritage protection zone or within the perimeter of a listed building. And apart from these particular cases, it is the town halls or the DDEs which impose the rules of the game, the materials and the colors. In principle, you are exempt from any declaration if you redo your roof identically . But be careful, if the Roof restoration material changes, you must submit a prior declaration of work to the town hall. And if you are in a classified area, the approval of historical monuments is necessary. As tobuilding permit , it is required if you raise the roof or change the slope. In addition, the use of an architect is mandatory if the work increases the total living area of ​​the house to 150 m2 or more. 
1. When was the last roof repair?
If the last roof lasted less than expected, the roof may have a design flaw (lack of tilt, overexposure to winds). The consultation of a professional (roofer, architect) can be useful: it will put the finger on the flaws or weaknesses to correct. 

2. Does the cover need to be renovated as a whole?

Of leaks localized for specific reasons (broken tiles or gutter drilled, for example) do not require major work and are quickly repaired. On the other hand, the presence of foam on the whole Roof restoration attests to the porosity of the roofing. No treatment is effective in the medium term, replacement is inevitable. Be careful, a new blanket is often heavier than an old one . The frame may not support this additional load! 

3. What is the area of ​​my roof?

An average-sized house has a roof area of ​​approximately 80 m2. Be careful, taking into account the overlaps, such a roof will require at least 100 to 120 m2 of roofing material .

4. Does the frame need to be redone?

Yes, when beams are broken or simply split or when insects have attacked the wood in depth. If the Roof restoration needs to be replaced completely, consider repairing your frame as well. Its life expectancy governs that of the entire roof and the cost of its repair is reasonable compared to that of the roof. 

5. Is the insulation still effective?

Careful inspection will answer this question. Any trace of humidity on the insulation (glass wool, polystyrene or vapor barrier film) must be banned and above all the cause must be determined to avoid an aggravation of the disorders . If there is no insulation, now is the time to think about it. And if all of the coverage must be filed, the most effective solution, an exterior insulation , can be considered. The company is more expensive but aid is possible within the framework of environmental renovation works. 

6. Should the tightness be reviewed?

Ensuring waterproofing of roofs is the number one rule in renovation. And the operation will be all the more important as, within the framework of the essential work, you will certainly have to make improvements in terms of thermal insulation . The range of products is wide and capable of responding to most situations. 
The main manufacturers: Sika, Siplast, Soprema. 

7. What budget should you consider to renovate your roof?

Depending on the answer, and the material chosen, you will choose the economical option and have to consider starting over about 30 years later, or you will opt for the long term (60, 80, 100 years). 

8. What materials to adopt for a roof renovation?

Your place of residence is important. It is better to follow local customs which are often choices imposed by climatic conditions . Thus, tiles are not recommended in the event of frequent snowfall. There is little chance Roof restoration that your original tiles (they are certainly over 40 years old!) Will still be made. The contractor may be able to offer you an equivalent model. If they are still made, your original tiles are weathered, and the old / new mix is ​​not really indicated if your house has character and you are only redoing part of the roof. Alternatively, you can contact a materials collector to complete your damaged roof.Be aware, however, that you will often pay for these tiles (with reduced life expectancy!) The same price as new tiles. It would then be in your interest to change everything, even if it means sorting out the old tiles that are still good to resell them yourself on the salvage market. 


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