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What Budget For An Engagement Rings ?

To prove your love to her you can buy a cheap engagement rings, there is no point in paying miles and cents since this ring will prove that you want to spend the rest of your life with your future wife.

Know how to offer her a ring that matches her perfectly because she will have to wear it all her life after your sublime marriage proposal.Of course you can also give her a fun engagement ring, or one that reminds her of a moment in your life together or one of her passions. There is for example unicorn jewelry to satisfy all desires.

What Type Of Metal And Which Model To Choose For A Cheap Engagement Rings?

There are several models of engagement ringsNevertheless the ring must be composed of at least one solitaire. You can of course acquire an engagement ring for a budget of not more than three hundred euros and which can be of very good quality.

The price of an engagement ring varies depending on the stone and the type of metal. You must first know what the taste of the future bride is in order to offer her an exceptional piece of jewelry. The price of a gram of 24 karat yellow gold is 55 € and that of 18 karat is around 40 € which is equivalent to the price of a gram of white gold. An engagement ring requires at least 2 grams for it to be of good quality, so it is possible to estimate a budget of around 110 € to get the right material without the stone.

Platinum is also one of the best choices for engagement rings. In addition to being a stainless material, its lifespan is truly incomparable in addition to having a permanent shine. It is strongly recommended for sensitive skin. But if you decide to give her a platinum ring, you have to budget for around one or two months' salary, which is less profitable than a gold ring. It is therefore best to buy a yellow gold because it is pure gold and it is also suitable for sensitive skin that cannot stand silver.

In order to bring out the beauty of the ring, it is essential that the chosen metal be set with a diamond rings with the right dimensions. Note that the clearer the diamond, the purer it is and therefore the more expensive it will be. Four criteria influence the price of diamonds: color, purity, size and especially the weight which is expressed in Carat.

For a cheap engagement ring, this can be a simple solitaire with an imitation diamond or ruby. Traditionally, it is of course the diamond, but the ruby ​​is cheaper than the diamond.

You might be wondering how to give it to her, or is she going to take the fact that the engagement is cheap. Know that just the gesture counts and do not think that she will go and look at the receipt or the statement of account. Your future wife will just have her eyes twinkling in front of you and say "yes" to you.


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