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How to pack a package correctly?

1. Choose the packaging

The choice of packaging is the first step for a correct shipment.

If you want to reuse a box to make a shipment, you must take into account that it is in good condition. It will also be necessary to check if it supports the weight of what you want to send. Finally, you must remove the remnants of the old shipment, such as packing tapes, stickers or labels, before attaching the new ones. This way you avoid confusion.

packaging for shipment

There are different aspects that must be taken into account when deciding between the different packaging options:

  • Material: each merchandise needs a specific type of packaging to protect it. And within each type, you have to choose the one that best suits the characteristics of the product, as long as it is resistant and robust. There are, for example, different types of cardboard boxes, such as corrugated cardboard, double-layer or double-height boxes, among others. There are even boxes designed to send a specific product, such as a mobile phone or bottles of wine. In any case, when choosing the packaging material, you must also take into account the conditions set by the company with which the shipment is to be made and what the regulations dictate in this regard.
  • Resistance: the type of packaging is also conditioned by the weight of the merchandise to be sent. It is necessary to choose a packaging that is strong enough to support the weight of the product that it will contain. You also have to pay attention to the maximum weight allowed by the company with which the shipment is to be made. Exceeding this weight by choosing a very heavy type of packaging can cause extra costs.
  • Size: each transport company establishes maximum dimensions to which the package has to fit in order for them to accept the shipment.
  • Form: the form of the packaging may cause some extra cost in the shipment, since it is key for a perfect handling of the package by Carter Couriers. For this reason, rectangular and square cardboard boxes are the most widely used standard packaging.

2. Pack

Planning how a package will be packed well in advance eliminates the source of stress of improvisation. It allows you to do it properly, without haste, avoiding being left with doubts about whether the merchandise will arrive in perfect condition due to having prepared the package at the last minute.

packaging tips

If you have requested a collection of the package at home, it is important to have it ready for the date scheduled for collection by the transport company. Having to schedule a second collection for reasons attributable to the customer, absence or not having the package ready, may involve an additional expense.

The way you put what you want to send into the packaging is crucial to avoid damage. Therefore, when packing, the following aspects must be taken into account in order to protect the product and ensure that it arrives in perfect condition:

3. Seal

Sealing is another of the key aspects so that a package arrives in the best conditions and does not suffer from any mishap in transport. The seal must be strong enough. Duct tape is perfect for these cases. We must choose one of quality and wide enough, that offers us guarantees. We can also reinforce the seal by placing double packing tape in those most vulnerable parts of the package.

Before starting to seal, the box must be closed. Then, we will stick the packing tape in all the opening areas, so that they are sealed. A very effective technique is the "H" -shaped seal, taking into account that critical points must be well covered, such as the junction of the flaps.

packing for shipment

4. Labeling

The labeling of a package is required to perform successfully delivered. Sometimes shipments do not materialize because there are problems with the label, so special attention must be paid to this aspect.

There are shipping companies like Carter Courier that handle the labeling of the packages that are sent, so that the customer does not have to worry about how and where to place the label. Other companies provide the label to customers in digital version so that the customer can print it. In these cases, instructions are usually sent on where and how to put it in the package.

On other occasions, it is the interested party who writes, or prints, the sender and recipient's data on a piece of paper and attaches it to the package. The labeling must be clear, to avoid confusion and minimize delivery incidents.

5. Customs documentation

There are specific bags to introduce said documentation that are adhesive and allow the documentation to be attached securely to the outside of the package, preventing its deterioration.

Carter Courier Transport Service

These bags, which can contain other documents such as delivery notes or invoices in addition to customs documentation, are like transparent envelopes that are attached to the package on one side. They have the advantage that they easily stick to multiple materials and are highly resistant and waterproof.

If you do not have a document bag, you can use a sturdy envelope taped to the outside of the package. It should not be placed on the joints, in the corners or on the packing tape, to achieve better adhesion.

Finally, it must be taken into account that the reception of a package is the first contact that the person who receives it has with the merchandise. This first impression is important and says a lot about the person sending it. It is not the same to receive a package in perfect condition taking care of even the smallest detail than to receive a package prepared in any way that may even mean that what we have sent arrives broken. If you need more assistance, contact Carter Courier today!


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