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Do You Know What Is The Best Thing About Wine Labelling?

Labeling is the final operation, it must be carried out shortly before the product is put on the market, since otherwise it would end up spoiling. Two types of labels are placed on the bottle: front label and against ?? label.

The first to be placed is the front label, and the back label must be assigned by the Regulatory Council, which uses it as a control system.

On the label of all Wine Design protected by the Ribera del Arlanza Designation of Origin, the logo of the Regulatory Council of said Designation appears. This practice is mandatory in all types of wines.

When the wines are destined for export, in addition to the label and back label, they usually include other information, regarding the composition of the product, or warnings. In many cases, these data are required by the legislation of the country where the product is exported.

There are labeling standards set by the Ministry of Agriculture of Castilla y Leon and which must be followed by the Denomination of Origin.

Labeling is done automatically. The bottles enter through a carousel guided by guides. On the other hand, another rotating paddle carousel makes the labels rub against a glue-holder cylinder, fed by a pump. They are then collected by the labeling cylinder, which, using clamps, holds them and deposits them against the body of the bottle.

Wine labels have never been so easy to understand.

For the world of wine labelling to function, it is necessary to have certain regulations that take care of us as consumers. These protect from the creation process to the way the wine is presented to us and reaches our hands; In other words , there are also rules for wine labels!

Yes, as you heard and they may be different between countries or even between regions, so we will not find the same information in a Spanish wine and an Argentine wine. 

Here is some of the information you can find!

Let's discover together the segments that make up a label, you will see that every detail is important and by learning to decipher them, you will be able to choose the wine that suits your tastes and needs.

Brand or name of the wine:

These are easy to recognize, they are the names that usually always stand out on the label; It can be in a romantic typeface like that of the Lambrusco Cleto Chiarli wines or something more elegant like those of Vetus wineries. The important thing is that in their personalized designs that convey the spirit of the brand, they also give us two key clues ; who is the creator and the name of the wine we have in our hands.

When choosing your wine, if the name of the brand is well known, it can tell you about its good quality and if you don't recognize it; it can be a good opportunity to know something new.

Denomination of origin or DO:

And this is the name of the natural space that has given life to our wine. In old world wines (Europeans) it is very common to find it on the label, do you know names like Rioja or Emilia Romagna ? This is because they are wine regions that for many years have dazzled the palates of the whole world and have become in something like a quality seal.

And what about the counter-label?

Now let's talk about the label on the back. If you need to know how much alcohol your wine has or how much of it the bottle contains, you can find it there. Also, if you read it, you may come across very interesting stories about the winery or this particular wine, what to accompany it with or even small notes about the experience that awaits you when you try that first drink.

Having said all this, you already have some clues to know a little more about that wine that will be on your table tonight, but… don't complicate yourself too much, if you don't understand something, the best way to learn is by tasting , so go ahead, cheers!


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