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3 Tips for buying a bike for your children

If you are not a great cycling expert and you are thinking of buying a children's bicycle, this article will help you. We share tips and the necessary information for you to buy the ideal children's bicycle. Buying a bike for children may not be so easy. It is necessary to consider different points before choosing a model. What to consider before buying a children's bike? You may also want to visit Stead Cycles on Instagram.

bike for children



There is no set age for learning to ride a bike, but most children usually start between the ages of 4 and 6. Before they can practice with the bicycle without pedals, this can favor their balance, among other benefits.

Usually by the age of 4-5 years, children have already acquired the motor skills necessary to stay on a bicycle. With the correct bike and small practice, it's a matter of time for kids to pedal confidently.


When looking for an adult bike, the starting point is to determine the frame size you need. But in the case of children's bicycles have to take as a reference the diameter of the wheels. The proportions of the bicycle are determined by this measurement. The common wheels for children's bikes are: 12”, 16”, 20” and 24”. A good start is to review a measurement chart. Below we show you a table with the sizes and wheels of children's bicycles.

bicycles for children

Consider these tables as a reference. Not all boys and girls develop in the same way, but on average these are the measures that are used. That is why there is no way to do a test ride and see if the child looks and feels comfortable and can control the bike well. The bike will be the right size if:

  • You can sit on the saddle and reach the ground with the ball (base of the toes) of both feet.
  • You have enough space between the shot and the top tube when standing with both feet flat on the ground.
  • Reach the handlebars keeping your elbows slightly bent for good control.
  • If the bike has brakes on the handlebars, you must reach the levers perfectly and apply enough force to activate them.


The weight

Previously, there were not as many options as today. In the past, different bike options didn't care much about optimizing the weight of small bikes. Fortunately, that has changed and it is now possible to find lightweight bikes. Due to the small wheels and short cranks, it is a bit more difficult to propel these bikes when pedaling. For this reason, it is highly recommended to look for the lightest option as well as it will be much easier to control. You may also want to visit Stead Cycles on Facebook.

Other characteristics of the bicycle

At present, the great variety that exists in the category of children's bicycles is incredible. We can find bicycles with counter pedal brakes, with rim brakes, fixed gear, with different handlebars and frame geometry. To determine the characteristics of the bicycle it is very important to take into account the abilities and confidence of the future cyclist.

buy childrens bicycle

There are those who will need to start with a balance bike to learn how to balance and control the bike before learning to pedal. There will be those who have already mastered these skills for having used a devil's skate for example, and are ready for a bike with pedals. That is why it is important to observe and receive expert advice. You may also like to read our blog page that features helpful info and guides for safety when riding bicycles.

A child's first bicycle is usually something that will be remembered forever and will mark the love or rejection of a sport, a hobby or a recreational activity that can contribute a lot in his life.

If you still do not know which bicycle to buy for your children, nephews, grandchildren, we invite you to see all our bicycle models for boys and girls by visiting Stead Cycles today!


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