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Tips when enjoying a bottle of wine in a restaurant

We want to offer you some basic tips, suggestions or recommendations on how to enjoy a glass of wine in a restaurant.

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The first thing is to verify that what they bring to the table is the selection that we made from the menu.

We have to verify the vintage, the grape variety, the winery, and that the bottle is in good condition.

When we go to uncork it, try not to turn the bottle too much. Turn the corkscrew, first cutting the capsule.

We have to verify that the plug is dry. That it does not have any humidity on top. It may be that it lost some wine, and it may have been contaminated.

It is very important that we also verify that the cork is in good condition. It doesn't matter that it might be a little bit wetter on top as long as it's not visible from the outside.

We have to check that the cork does not smell rotten. If there is an aroma as well as humidity in bad condition, the most likely thing is that the wine is contaminated with that same aroma and flavor of cork.

Next step is for someone at the table to taste the wine. We will serve a small portion, and we will verify if the wine is in good condition.

At sight it is very important to appreciate that the wine does not have any residue, crystals, sediments, a piece of cork. The wine must be perfectly clean and crystal clear.

The color will indicate the age of the wine more or less. In very young wines we will find violet or purple tones, and very intense reflections.

In the wines that have been in the barrel and that have been maturing in the bottle, we will find some light tones of brick, orange, tile ...

And the wines that have evolved many years in the barrel will present a brown tone.

We must pay special attention to the latter, as it is possible that it is no longer in good condition.

You have to let it breathe for a few minutes, so that it opens, aerate it, and thus verify its aroma well.

Then we must immediately bring the wine to the nose, and check that the wine does not present any unpleasant aroma. For this step it does not matter that you have not taken any wine class or have taken a course. It is the moment when you have to trust your nose. Producers make wines to make them smell nice. What can a wine smell like? ... It can smell like fruit, flowers, the notes of the toasted barrel that translate into smoked, vanilla, nuts, chocolate, leather, special toasts, ...

The next point is to put the wine in your mouth. At this point it is important that we make two small drinks. The first taste impression is usually not very pleasant. It may be that the palate is not "very tight." In a second drink is when we can confirm that the wine is in good condition.

In this case, a red wine must have acidity, it must have the aromas of the nose, and a slight astringency.

At the time of testing it, we have to “balance” it throughout the oral cavity… above the tongue… below. We'll swallow it, and taste it again.

Aged wines, which give us aromas of wood, with a lot of fruit and depth in the mouth, recommend them to be tasted with highly elaborated dishes, such as a barbecue.

That is to say, the wines of greater intensity, greater structure, we have to taste them with dishes that have a longer preparation time.

On the other hand, the wines of less structure, softer, shorter in the mouth, we will harmonize them with aperitifs, or medium intensity dishes.

When serving the glass, remember to serve as much up to the thickest part of the glass. No more. Otherwise you would not let the wine breathe, nor could we aerate or oxygenate it.

Finally, if we are not going to finish the bottle, it is important to put a vacuum cap on it, and store it in the refrigerator. In this way the wine will remain in its optimal conditions for about 4 or 5 days. After this time, it can begin to oxidize and lose its quality.

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