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Most of your web design clients will do advertising of some kind, and they may not have the capability to design those ads in-house. It could be banner ads that are used online, magazine ads, billboards, or any other type of advertising.

SEO is a natural fit because if you are designing a website for a client, that client can get more value from their website if it is effective at driving traffic from search engines.

Of course, there is some overlap between the two services. As a web design, you should be creating the website to be search engine friendly, but full-fledged SEO services can go much deeper. This may involve on-page SEO and creating pages or content that are optimized to rank for specific keywords, or it could involve off-page SEO and link building.

Most businesses use social media in some capacity, but very few are maximizing the potential of social media. Entrepreneurs and small businesses often don’t have the time or manpower to effectively manage their social media profiles on their own, and that’s where you come in.

You could offer to help clients by managing their social profiles, which will free up their time for other things that are more important to their business. Many social media managers or virtual assistants will offer packages that include a specific number of posts to different social networks. For example, the client may pay you a monthly fee to manage their Facebook page and schedule two new posts per day.

Your web design skills can also come in handy here. You can create images and graphics for use with your clients’ social profiles, and you can also design branded profile images that will help to make their profiles stand out.Many businesses need help with setting up and managing online advertisements. There is huge demand for freelancers and agencies that have expertise with Facebook ads and Google AdWords.

As an ad manager, you could create ads for your clients, set up the campaigns, continually test and manage the campaigns, and provide reports that show the results to your clients.

If you have some writing skills, you could offer copywriting services to your clients. In many cases, this would involve writing the copy or text for a landing page or sales page. This can be a very lucrative service because effective copywriting can have dramatic results in terms of the sales that it generates.Since you will be working on the client’s web design anyway, offering a service related to writing the text for these pages would be a natural fit.

Earlier, I mentioned the possibility of offering SEO services. Keyword research is one important aspect of SEO that you could zero in on. Additionally, it’s easier to learn than some of the other skills covered in this article.

Keyword research is a critical aspect of SEO, but many of your clients will have no idea how to do it, or they won’t have the time to do their own keyword research.

Your keyword research services could involve identifying and suggesting the best keywords for your clients to target with their web design and the content that they publish. For most of your clients, you may want to focus on low-competition keywords that give smaller sites a realistic chance to rank on the first page of Google.

Email marketing typically produces a very strong ROI, so this may be an area where your clients are willing and able to spend some money for a professional like yourself.Your services could include designing HTML emails (or templates for your clients to use), as well as writing the text, designing images to be used in the emails, and even setting up and managing the campaigns.

Almost all of your web design clients will want access to some data and analytics to provide insight into the effectiveness of their site. Of course, Google Analytics is a powerful free program that your clients can use, but GA can be a bit overwhelming and confusing. Some of your clients may be looking for a professional to help with interpreting the web design reports from Google Analytics and to implement any changes that are needed to improve the results.Chances are, you already include Google Analytics code for client websites that you set up. Why not go a step further and offer a service to help with Analytics?

It could be as simple as a consultation where you walk the client through the Google Analytics dashboard and explain things to them so they can pay attention to it going forward. Or, you could provide weeky or monthly reports with web design any relevant recommendations based on the data in those reports.Ok, so now that we’ve looked at many different services that you could offer to your web design clients, let’s talk about the logistics of actually offering these services. Here are your basic options:

Of course, the first option is to provide the service yourself. You’ll need to have experience and expertise with any service that you’re performing on your own. Some services will require you to have a great deal of experience in order to do an effective job for your clients, while other services use skills that you could improve and develop pretty quickly.

Part of the challenge here is simply time management. If you have a lot of available time and not many clients at this point, time may not be a big challenge. But if you’re already busy with web design work, you may find it to be challenging to offer additional services.

Maybe you want to offer services that do not fit well with your existing strengths, and in that case, it might be better to hire someone else or outsource the work as opposed to trying to develop those new skills for yourself.

The point off offering additional services is to increase revenue, and that added revenue may allow you to have enough income to hire someone to do the web design work.You could hire freelancers as needed, or bring on a full-time employee. Regardless of which path you chose, you won’t need to do all of the work yourself.


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