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One of the most intense moments of our entire life has arrived, that moment is to deliver an engagement ring , you will like it, you will tell me yes, how much will it cost me ...

The choice of Wedding rings is not a standard process, it depends on several factors.The first thing we have to take into account is how much we want to spend, because depending on the budget we can choose some metals and stones or others.Once this point has been decided, you have to take into account the personality of your partner and their lifestyle habits, if they are sophisticated or simple, if they usually wear jewelry, their way of dressing, their hands….

We have to know if after the Wedding rings you will want to continue using the ring and how often, this will greatly influence the design of the ring, if you are going to wear it every day, a ring with a diamond that stands out too much will not be convenient, because it would hit you and you could get caught while doing everyday tasks. For this case a half alliance or full alliance could go well.Half white gold wedding band with diamonds Complete alliance gold with diamond For very frequent use, a ring that matches the wedding band is very common, in its color, metal and finish.

Focusing on the engagement ring, the first thing we can choose is the stone, although it will almost always be a diamond, it could be a Wedding rings, which is much cheaper or even a combination of several stones. Based on this we will choose the metal and color, the most common is yellow gold or white gold, white being the one that is most seen today.

Another very important decision is the type of ring, this depends a lot on the use that is going to be given, but it must be taken into account that the main requirement is that its future owner likes it, the character of the person who receives it, For a very active person who wants to use it very often, it is convenient that the main stone does not protrude too much from the ring.

We can decide between several types of Wedding rings:

Half white gold wedding band with diamonds This type of ring consists of a hoop and a more or less large stone that is usually attached to the hoop by a claw setting, the number of claws will depend on the size of the stone. This type of fastening is very popular because it enhances the stone by letting light enter or exit from all facets, creating sparkles of great beauty.

Within this type of Wedding rings, we also have the "you and me" model in which the stone is apparently only held on two sides of it.Usually under the stone there is a small plate that gives solidity to the ring and helps to hold the stone.Also this type of ring can be seen with the stone set in chaton surrounded by the metal of the ring.

The half alliance:

Also this type of engagement ring is very common, it consists of a ring with a row of stones in its upper half, it is the most appropriate for daily use, the stones are attached by means of a rail or bevel setting.

The stones are embedded within the metal, which makes the hold excellent, withstanding all the frictions and bumps that can occur when the ring is worn every day.

The complete alliance:

In this case, the metal ring is completely surrounded by stones, as in the case of the half alliance, the stones are set in a rail or bezel which makes it also very comfortable for daily use. full white gold and diamond alliance A ring of great beauty that could be said to unite the half alliance with the solitaire, has a larger or smaller central stone flanked by smaller stones that run along the arm, which may be a row of stones or more.

Hybrid Wedding rings

As for the diamonds in your Wedding rings, there are 4 data that we have to take into account, known as the "4 Cs" (it comes from their names in English)

The cut: it is the shape and cut of the facets of the diamond, this point is key because a good cut of the diamond enhances this stone and enhances all its qualities, while a wrong cut would destroy the best stone.

Clarity: this parameter or characteristic shows the purity of the stone, measures the amount of impurities, inclusions or stains that the diamond may have.

The color: The more colorless the diamond in general, the better, referring of course to white diamonds.

The carats: When talking about the carats of a diamond, we refer to the weight and size of a diamond, 1 carat is equivalent to 0.20 grams.The value of diamonds is awarded mainly based on these 4 characteristics, although there are other elements that also intervene in the price in a lesser way.

As a last tip, it would be to tell you that for diamonds of a certain size it would be highly advisable to ask for a certificate at least from the jeweler who sells it, if you want you can also request a certificate from an official certifying body, but this is only advisable for large diamonds , because in the case of medium or small diamonds, "the collar can be more expensive than the dog"


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