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Discover 8 profitable business accounts to think about in 2020

Profitable business in sight in 2020

A quick search is enough to identify profitable business accounts in sight in the country, even in a scenario of uncertainty .  At this point, the best way to prepare for the economic recovery is to start with a good business plan. First, it is necessary to analyze the current situation as a whole.

In November 2019, the GDP growth forecast for 2020 reached 2.32% , thanks to the improvement in economic results in July and August, according to data from the Economic Policy Secretariat (SPE) published in Exame. 

According to the SPE's Macrofiscal Bulletin, the Brazilian economy is already showing signs of recovery , with a reduction in country risk, a fall in inflation, expansion of credit and resumption of confidence. In other words, 2020 is likely to bring a new lease of life to entrepreneurship .To take advantage of this turnaround, you can build on what is already working in 2019 and add to market projections. 

Want an example?

Think of fintechs : the technology startups for finance that are revolutionizing the Brazilian market

In the midst of an economic and political crisis, these companies realized that traditional banks and institutions no longer met the needs of consumers - and found the perfect opportunity to innovate. Thus, solutions were born, such as credit cards with no annual fee, digital accounts, easy and fast online credit, among other products that have been conquering their space.

Another perspective for seeing opportunities is to analyze what you do better than others and how you could apply that skill or talent to new business accounts. Maybe you have a background in technology , know an accountant and create in society a fully digital accounting company that uses automation to speed up routines and shoot ahead of the competition . These examples are intended to remember that, whether in 2020 or 2022 , creating profitable businesses means finding ways to meet untapped market demands - delivering superior value to the competition. Now we can move on to the most promising ideas and trends for next year.

1. Healthy and gourmet food

Two trends deserve to be highlighted in the Brazilian food market: healthy and gourmet foods According to the Brasil Food Trends 2020 report , sensoriality and pleasure is still one of the main consumption criteria in the country (prioritized by 23% of the population, in the same measure of product quality).

Therefore, one of the trends for the next year is to innovate with higher added value foods - the famous “gourmetized” . In this case, it is worth the premium version of traditional foods, as in the fever of gourmet hamburgers, or the creation of new categories of super-premium products.  Second, there is the trend towards healthiness and well-being , which includes organic foods, diet / light and recent versions without gluten and lactose.  According to Euromonitor data, published in Estadão, the healthy food and beverage sector has grown 12.3% per year for the past five years, and it is expected to close 2019 with a 50% growth (R $ 110 million). The fact is that this type of business accounts finds space because there are people interested in maintaining quality food.

The trend is that, with the improvement of the economy, these products will be even more in demand . Health food stores and health food brands, therefore, tend to achieve good results. Why the investment is worth: the numbers from Brasil Food Trends and Euromonitor show that there are excellent business prospects, especially in terms of sensoriality and healthiness.

2. Subscription clubs

The signing of clubs still in full swing and increasingly expanding its segments - from books to erotic products. According to the Brazilian Association of Subscription Clubs, in 2017, there were already 350 companies in the country. Every month, these clubs send subscribers products from the segment in which they operate: pet items, healthy food, beer, wine, cheese and clothing are some of them. According to data from the Brazilian Electronic Commerce Association (ABCom), published in 2019 in the State of Minas, the number of projects of this type has increased by 167% in the last four years. 

In the analysis of Lidiane Oliveira, specialist in subscription clubs on the Vindi platform, Brazilians are feeling safer with this business model and membership should increase. 

In an interview with the State of Minas, she highlights 2018 revenue: about R $ 1 billion , totaling 800 active subscription clubs. Why the investment is worth: the subscription club market keeps growing, and the advantage is that the entrepreneur has a variety of segmented audiences to bet on.

3. Pet market

In 2018, Brazil advanced from the fourth position to the second place in the ranking of the largest pet markets in the world. The sector should close 2019 with revenues of R $ 36.2 billion , according to data from the Pet Brasil Institute published .

Various types of business accounts enter this market: pet shops, specialty stores, veterinary clinics, product brands and animal feed. One of the growing segments is pet food , which brings trends such as natural and homemade food for dogs and cats. Why the investment is worth: the reality is that there will always be demand for these products and services, since Brazil is one of the countries with the largest population of pets: they total 139.3 million , according to data from 2019 from Abinpet.


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